Lots of people are emailing me some questions. I will attempt to answer them all quickly before slinking off to chiense class, having not done any homework or looked at my book in a week.

The Shanghai trip was great.. clapton was great, played a lot of old stuff, including five derek and the dominos tunes..including little wing.. sweet, sweet… interview happened with derek and doyle that afternoon and will try to make it a GW story.. I will write something real up as soon as I can and get it up here. Pictures are still not posting. Dang!

I do now finally have working wireless thanks to the efforts of my good friend South Orange Steve Goldberg, who needed something to keep him busy while his wife Arlene the crazy Pats fan was rending her garment and poking pins in her Peyton Manning voodoo doll. yes, I saw the game, second half at least. That was a good one. I’m happy for Tony Dungy.

Let the Mike Tomlin era begin. I am excited. Pittsburgh doesn’t take change all that well, so this will be interesting. I think he will win them over, but if he doesn’t have immediate success, things could get interesting.

Kids are all good, Becky is fine. It’s nice to have us all under one roof.

More soon.. off to face the music with Dong laoshi (teacher Dong).

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