Way to go mom

Many years ago, my brother and his friends had a sports quiz for their mothers. My mom dusted them all. She’s maintained a pretty good sports knowledge all these years. She knows what a play action pass is, can probably name 15 steelers starters as well as the Pirates infield and explain in rough concept what both a zone blitz and full court press are.

This morning I got this email from her:

Yesterday when I went for a pedicure, Verron Haynes was sitting next to me! He was very nice and personable. David is shocked that I didn’t ask him what he thinks about the new coach. I didn’t want to disturb him. By the way this was in Greenfield by the Giant Eagle.

Wow. Lots of good stuff here. Verron Haynes getting pedicures in Greenfield to start. And my mom recognizing the Steelers third-down back to end. I asked how she recognized him.

I knew he was a Steeler the moment he came in. He had on a Steeler shirt was incredibly built, had two diamond studs as big as my eyeballs. I asked him who he was. I said they are always in helmets etc and you can’t recognize them outside the field!

Way to cover mom! What a great scene. But I think if you’re willing to ask, “Who are you?” then you’ve got to be willing to ask, “What do you think of the new coach?”

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