Knockin On Heaven’s Door

We played at the Stone Boat in Ritan Park last night and it was a fun mellow gig, outside on a beautiful spring night. There was a woman in the crowd with a big pro video camera and she filmed a song in our first set, during which my guitar was out of tune.

At the break, I asked her what she was filming for, intending to ak her to do another song if it would be publicly consumed. I didn’t fully understand her answer but it was clear she just wanted some background imagery for something. Then she said, “I have a theory about bands in Beijing — they always have one guy who works at an embassy. So?” I was with Dynamite Dave, the sax player, who works for the Teasury Department, US embassy and we laughed. I guess we are all a type in some way we don’t realize.

We got back on stage and on the second or third song, I remembered I had the camera and I said, “Would the videographer please report to the stage” and commissioned her. She did a nice job. My friend Matt Forney sat in on my Guild and I switched to electric. “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” is perfect for guests, because it is simple and hard to mess up. I sort of hate the solo I played but otherwise this is a keeper, for me at least.

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    Your solo was nice, no problem. I have yet to play a solo that I’ve thought is good. Tenor solo was also enjoyable. Stand up bass is a good addition. Bring music to N.J.. I can’t wait to add to the horn section when I jam with Woody Alan in Beiging. Pops


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