Becky and her staff won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. It was announced at 3 pm NYC time (3 am here). Luckily, she got an early tip off but not too early… She was up all night, in a good way. Called all seven reporters who contributed at 3 am, then got on a conference call, fields congrarts calls, etc.

This is the official line: NEW YORK (AP) — The Wall Street Journal staff has won the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting for it work on the adverse impact of China’s booming capitalism on conditions ranging from inequality to pollution.

You can read the stories here:

We’ve known for maybe 5 weeks that they were finalists but Becky wouldn’t let me publicize the fact. Being a finalist is tremendous… actually winning, of course, is better. But it’s also so fraught with politics and luck and flukiness that it’s impossible to predict and wrong to pin all your hopes on.

But you have to play to win and B’s been in the game for a long time doing great work across a very wide spectrum of topics. Anyhow, I’m just very proud and still quite tired… it’s 6 am and I didn’t sleep all that much myself, so I’ll just throw this up there before I say anything silly.

The other thing that is really quite astounding is that the NY Times won for China last year.. it shows how big and important of a story this is right now. Also quite amazing because our friend and neighbor Jim Yardley was the recipient last year. I can’t imagine there have been too many years when a Pulitzer was passed across the street from one year to the next.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations WSJ China Bureau! I was just browsing the pulitzer page today (online) and saw this announcement. Had to come over here (to Alan’s blog) to confirm since Becky is not mentioned by name. We all appreciate great reporting – now more than ever when we have to wade through so much…else. All the best to the winners and their families!! – Karen(Drescher) Flora

  2. Dena
    Dena says:

    Congratulations! So excited for all of you! Steve’s really over-the-top with excitement about this, he’s getting funding ready! If this doesn’t make sense – ask Ruth. Also, loved Clair’s redention of “joy to the World”
    Dena & Steve


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