Jesse Paul, Superstar

My brother keeps me sending me boxscore from the local Wilmington, DE paper, highlighting his son Jesse’s baseball prowess. He has right to be proud.

Jesse is a freshman and probably in the 5 percentile of height (though his Jewfro may bump him up to 9th or 10th). When the senior catcher got hurt, Jesse stepped in and has been the starting catcher for the varsity team. He is 14.

As David wrote, I came to the realization that Jesse is the 1st in the family to play varsity HS baseball. In a family with a physician patriarch it is roughly equivalent to the 1st son of a steel worker to go to college. When they put him in it looks like they pulled him off the Colfax playground because they didn’t have enough players. When the coach puts in a kid 5ft tall behind the plate you can see the other team starting to salivate.

But he is obviously holding his own and bringing pride to us all. Go Jesse!


Wilmington Friends 10, Howard 0 H 000 00 – 0 1 1
WF 301 06 – 10 5 0
H: Doubledee and Donato. WF: Baczkowski and Paul. WP-Baczkowski (3-2). L-Doubledee (N/A).
2B-WF: Butterworth.
Highlights-Jesse Paul was 2-for-3 with two runs scored. Geoff Butterworth hit a bases clearing double in the fifth inning. Andrew Baczkowski faced the minimum 15 batters through five innings. He did not walk a batter and struck out five for Wilmington Friends.

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  1. Biby Cletus
    Biby Cletus says:

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  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Uncle Al,
    Thanks for the awsome post. I just wanted to keep you updated.

    As of now, the kid who broke his finger in front of me is back. However, considering i have been hitting .500 (14-28) since iv’e started, my coach has kept me in. All we need to do now, is win a few games.

    By the way, I may be small, but I can hit.

    The double count has reached 4.

    Hope all is well,


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