Mother’s Day on the Great Wall


Becky and Melinda at the Schoolhouse

We went out to the great Wall on Sunday, with visiting WSJ Marketplace Editor Melinda Beck. It was Mother’s Day and we went first to the Schoolhouse, a new place in the Mutianyu Village, where they are trying to make bit of an oasis in the country for rich expats like us. It’s a very nice spot and they also have a glass studio with beautiful stuff. The food has to be a little better though.

We ran into Eli’s good friend Donald Harmon there, and they were thrilled to see one another. It was really cute. They were so surprised, as if we had bumped into one another on the moon.

Eli and Jacob refused to stop for photos at the top of the cable car, before we hit the wall. Anna had no choice.

These pictures remind me a lot of the ones I took of Jacob up here on his school field trip not long after we arrived.

Alpine slide down! Do they still have these in America? Safety is not what comes to mind. Good fun, though.

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