My brother and I bought nephew Josh a belated
bar mitzvah present –a sweet guitar. Rule one:
would one of want it if he quits playing?

Paul cousins in south Mtn. Reservation

Jacob and best friend Gabriel. The famous first toothache
started right around now.

Anna really enjoyed having a gaggle of kids younger than
her around, a new development. She is so used to being
the little one. It was fun for her to be followed around
and worshiped by the kids of cousins Amy and Kenneth
and Danny (sadly absent) and Alisa and friends Rodger and Andee. Ripper!

Tombee, me, Ripper.

A classic of Eli in some sort of disguise (cousin Ben was similarly dressed)
and Joshua. Eli also enjoys having little ones round.
I love mom sniffing the diaper. Uh, the glamor of parenthood.
What to Really Expect When You’re Expecting.

Aqui, aqui.

Sis in law Kathy and nephew Jesse, who is hopefully
China bound.

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