Hulk Hogan Paul

Nephew Jesse Paul continues his rampage through the 103-pounders of Delaware. He recently won a big tournament, which I think is the source of this footage.

Honestly, I find this whole wrestling thing bizarre and somewhat disturbing on any number of levels. But I’m also proud of Jesse and fellow nephew Josh, who is also apparently doing well in the sport. That one i particularly hard to believe, because Josh has always been one of the sweetest boys round. How he goes out and grapples is beyond me, but more power to him.

Note on this footage that you can hear my brother David cheering his son on. He is quite restrained, at least here. I think it would be hard not to yell stuff like, “Kick his ass” or go wild when Jesse pulls a Hulk Hogan and slams the other kid as he does here. I wonder how many fights there are between fathers at these things.

Anyhow, Jesse is apparently coming here for an extended visit this summer. We have cooked up the excuse that he is going to be a soccer camp counselor but in fact The People’s Liberation Army is hiring him to train their top gun assassins. Stay tuned for more info.

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