I am writing this from a hotel room in Siem Riep , Cambodia — Angkor Wat. Tomorrow we will see the temples, but it is really nutty to be here.

We just spent three days in Phan Thiet, Vietnam. Our hotel was about one k from a little fishing village. since I found myself up at 530 every morning and the manager told me the local market is really hopping at 6 am, I jumped on a bike and rode down there every day, checked it all out, had a delicious iced coffee at the cool cafe (pis of that tomorrow) and then headed back.

Most of these pics speak for themselves, but I will take a sec to explain the first few. I had breakfast at this lady’s little stand (three tiny stools) one morning. the food in Nam is delicious, fresh, lots of cilantro and basil and sprouts. he had this little cooker fueled by coal. She would pour a little oil in a disc, then drop in a shrimp and a little piece of fish, saute, drop batter in and make a rice pancake right on it, expertly moving he tops around all of them. Then she dropped it on that tray and I grabbed with chopsticks. She threw chilis and basil on top. Delicious. I ate about four or five them for maybe 80 cents.

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