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Since I can’t respond in the proper place, I will do so here.
Fat Al,
To set the record straight, Myron, Murray Chase, myself and others in-fact started out as TA Forward sports editor.
Don’t remember having you call Myron re: Richie Hebner but…
Richie Hebner is the 54th all time greatest Pirate according to the Pittsburgh Pirate Encycolpedia (Finoli and Ranier, C2003.) Richie is just ahead of Rennie Stennet at number 55 and well ahead of Ripper’s favorite Doc Ellis at 59 (Sorry Ripper.) Although hard to believe Richie is number 54, Jose Lind is number 91 and Kevin Young # 89. I hope Myron, grounded in in Allderdice roots, had the foresight to answer your question in the affirmative.
With Love,
Brother Delaware Dave

I say this list is proven flawed by the mere fact that Hebner is ahead of Stennet. He was great until he broke his ankle. Where does Al “Scoop” Oliver rank? One of my all -time favorites. Gene Clines? Bill Robinson? Omar Moreno? Frank Taveres? Mike “Hitman” Easler? Tim Foli? Dave Guisti? I need to see this list.

I’m sure there are more Foreword sports editors who have made an impact out there… maybe Larry Luchinno of the Boston Red Sox? Howard Fineman of Newsweek?

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    Anonymous says:

    Fat Al:

    In the parlance of many a Myron caller, I am long-time reader of the blog and an occasional contributor. I concur in your assessment of Stennet deserving a higher rank than Hebner – though the Wonder Bread kid probably gets extra points for digging graves in the off-season. Rennie had great range at second base and a strong bat until he broke his ankle in 1978. (I think he would have won the batting title that year if he had enough at bats.)

    As to Dock Ellis, he may be #59 on the list but he’s #1 in my heart. Throwing the no-hitter on LSD, wearing curlers in the bullpen (so he could throw spitballs – check out “Dock Ellis in the Country of Baseball”), and hitting three or four Reds in a row to spark the 1975 Pirates on their division title run make him a very special Bucco indeed.

    Finally, some Gene Clines trivia: he started Game 7 of the 1971 World Series. ESPN Classic showed that game a few months ago and I’ve watched it several times. I’ve watched Clemente’s home run off Mike Cuellar almost a dozen times. (Cuellar was a lefty so Clines got the nod over Scoops in center field.)

    My work here is done.


  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Fat Al, Delaware Dave and /or Ripper : While you are checking out great Pirates, please let me know where Wally Westlake, Rip Sewell. Cliff Chambers, Fritz Ostenmuller and Frank Gustine fit on the list. What about Bob Chesnes? Is he mentioned anywhere? Another great Bucco of my era was Frank Thomas. Whats his listing? When I was a kid the Pirates had an infielder named Spook Jacobs Is he listed? How about Johnny Hopp? Dixie

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Ripper, Stennett was a great player. The point of the comment was that Richie “Gravedigger” Hebner deserved 6 figures. For the record Richie Hebner had 128 HR and 520 RBI, BA .277 in his Bucco carrer. He hit 2 homers in the ’71 NLCS. Stennett 38 HR, 388 RBI, .278. Althoug he was left off the ’71 post-season roster, he did have 7 hits in one game in 1975 (Buccos won the game 22-0 against the Cubbies allowing 7 AB’s.)

    Top 10 Buccos:
    1. Wagner
    3.P. Waner
    4. Capn Willie
    6.Charles “Babe”Adams
    8. Parker
    9.Arky Vaughn

    25. Al Oliver
    34. Rip Sewell
    44. Frank Thomas
    47. Dave Guisti
    60. Bill Robinson
    77. Frank Gustine
    79. Mike Easler
    90. Omar Moreno

    Taveras and Foli made the list of other significant players.

    Dixie-Johnny Hopp hit 14HR, with 117 RBI’s and batted .310 between 1948-1950. Spook Jacobs had 1 RBI in 1956 and batted .162. You must have been at the game when he knocked that run in.

    I also need to aknowledge my savy bargain-hunting wife who grabbed this book from the sale pile at Borders.

    Delaware Dave

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    I know your wife and I know she’s savvy. I also know she’s a great shopper (although I still think I can out-shop her). But “bargain-hunting” – come on – who are you kidding!?


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