Japan and gigs….

So we’re off to Kyoto in the morning. Time to see what Japan is like. It will be a quick and dirty rip but hopefully a nice one. wW will only be in Osaka and Kyoto. Will have to return for Tokyo. In Osaka, we will hook up with childhood friend Douglas Schafer, who lives there with his family.

We had gig last Friday and Saturday. Friday was a benefit for Steve Alldred, a popular soccer coach here, Birtish guy, who has lymphoma and no insurnce. We raised over $1,000 so that was nice. Big crowd and a lot of fun. The next night we played a party at the Stone Boat, one of our regular venues and one my favorite spots in Beijing, inside Ritan Park on the lake.

I think it was our best show ever. I felt so good and in control and like we were all really locked in and listening to one another. It felt relaxed but right on, the right kind of tight and the right kind of loose. My guitar sounded the way I always want it to but rarely quite achieve. I think it was our first back-to-back gigs and it paid off. Of course, we recorded none of it, so it went into the ether. But a lot of people there, including some friends who have seen us a lot, agreed with our assessment. Hopefully we can keep it up. I think we have six gigs in May, including two parties and a Great Wall engagement. IN June, we have our first out-of-town gigs at a beach resort in Xiamen in south China. More on that soon.

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    Alan – what are you wearing around your neck? You’re not going Livingston on me…are you?


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