Pictures of Qingdao

We spent three days in Qingdao last weekend. Our first visit there and it’s a nice place. Glad we made it.

About an hour away is the holy mountain of Lao Shan (Old MOuntain). It’s really beautiful and peaceful, rising right up form the sea. The first batch of pictures is all from there.

Days before Jesse’s 16th birthday.

This is all tea. Laoshan tea is considered top grade.
I bought two different types. Really love one of them.
The other is okay. I bargained hard, really surprised the
sales girls.

Algae has been a big problem. It is largely solved.
And yet…

Tremendous beer culture in this town.
Kegs at all these little shops and locals fill up
plastic bags to bring home. Tsingtao factory
your was cool. This is unfiltered beer, with yeast in.

We rode a ferry to this beach. Note the algae.

Lao shan.

Trademark infringement? You decide.

We took a ferry ride. Thought it would be 20
minutes to a tropical beach. It was 45 past
stuff like this.

Jesse got behind the wheel in china, finally…. then
again, so did Jacob.

Beach at the bottom of Laoshan Holy Mountain.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The algae problem has been played up big time in the US. On TV they’ve shown vast areas completely covered with it and said 10s of thousands of people have been hired to dispose of it so that it won’t be a problem for any of the water sports in the Olympics. Nothing like your pictures – these were miles and miles of it.


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