Spent all day in the IBC today. That’s the International Broadcast Center. NBC’s setup is pretty wild — a labyrinthinian mini city. I may gain 20 pounds in the next few weeks too, because the catering is preposterous. burgers, pizzas, ice cream, smoothies…and free Starbucks. I had three Americanos today. Laying off the latte and all that milky crap was no problem, but I’ll have to scale it all back. Right now, I still feel like I am sneaking in and better take full advantage.

As my brother David said, “Fat Al is back.” All that good free grub is really bringing out the Fat Man in me.

Not sure how much or if I’ll be posting up here because I am strapping in for a wild ride.

First events are actually tomorrow, two days before opening ceremony –prelim soccer games outside of Beijing. I am going to Tianjin to take in the first match.

In the meantime… I went to Shanghai for U.S./Russia hoops game on Sunday.

Here is my post for NBC.

And another for Slam.

I was also interviewed by Reuters for a Yao story.

And remember this index page for all my NBC posts, which could become quite voluminous.

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