Early Olympics pics

I’m on a roll and gonna keep moving with posting photos.

Some of these should have been on my NBC blog, but didn’t make it for one dumb reason or another.

Kathy, David and Jesse drove us in to the Greens
before heading off to the Summer Palace.


We are working in buildings next door to each other.
She’s in the Press Center. I am in the plusher Broadcast
Center. This is the only time we’ve seen each other
on the Greens. We drove in together.

The garbage truck drivers who drove me to work
at the International Broadcast Center the first day.

Fans trying to get pics of team USA greeting NBA Legends.
Note Willis Reed’s head in foreground.

Team USA. No zoom. This was my seat.

After the game, fans just bum rushed the court.

Russian point guard J.R. Holden signs a ball
for hotel staff. Wilkinsburg represent!

NBA “Legends”: Sam Perkins, Glen Rice, Dominique, Willis Reed

There’s a whole nutty culture of pin traders.
The woman below told me she has been to 11 Games
and just comes to trade.

Bullet train to Tianjin was great. 360 km/h

Fan outside Tianjin Stadium. Lots of flags.
People keep talking about “nationalism” but would
it be any different in U.S.?

Ran into a synch swimmer while out
reporting today. her coach insisted on taking this
picture. Nice people.

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