Spain/US basketball column and more…

I covered the Redeem Team’s demolition of Spain and wrote a column about it. This was a lot of fun. Just an overwhelming performance.

This Spanish “slant eyed” controversy and lack of controversy has been really interesting.

Swimming is now over and I never did make it in there. Becky went to a bunch, though, including today as Phelps got his eighth gold.

I am laying low today, just doing some interviews from home and maybe hitting some evening events. Tomorrow, I will swing back into action, hitting events all day.


I thought this was well done and I largely agree with the sentiments. I know the author a bit.

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    Anonymous says:

    Article by Lijia Zhang is excellent. It allows me to understand, finally, whats involved with China hosting the Olympics. I have a much better understanding of why its so important to you and to China and in fact to the world at large that China and its society is better understood. Your coverage is excellent. I’m very proud. Pops


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