Well we are out of the house and back where we tarted three and a half years ago: living in a service apartment with all our belongings boxed up and out of sight. the best thing about how difficult the move is is it eliminates a lot of the emotion. You just become happy to be moving on and done with it. The movers were there three days and we made it a lot more stressful by packing up one room while they loaded another. But I wouldn’t trade that trip to Tibet for anything, including a less stressful move.

Three days packing and no six weeks or so until our stuff arrives in Maplewood. Only 8 or 9 days and four gigs to go until we leave.

Just came back from office official going away party for becky. Very nice affair.

I somehow wrote a column amidst the chaos of last few days wad it will be up online within hours.

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