Jefferson School, Day One

Whew. Day one went well. Long-promised ice cream cones at Hershey’s in town afterwards…we even let them have double scoops and sprinkles.

Eli told me tonight that Jefferson is “way better than Dulwich.” I asked him and he gave me five reasons.

1. No uniforms. “I can wear whatever I want. I hate uniforms.” I will share some more funny stories about this another time.

2. The teachers are much nicer and not strict all the time. “Mrs. Lefteris (this year’s DCB teacher) was not strict and neither was Sarah Jane (1st grade), but some of the others…”

3. “The food is great –we had chili for lunch! And the lunch ladies speak English so they understand you when you say, ‘Don’t put this on top of that.'”

4. They have great drinks.

5. They have great snacks.

They are both excited to go tomorrow. Jacob was pleasantly surprised by how many kids he knew from before and also by how much of a celebrity he is for “being from China.”

Anna loves school, too. This is all a big exhale.

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