Catching Up

So I obviously haven’t been writing much up here. There are a lot of factors. For one thing, i don’t really have much of a sense that there’s anyone reading this and that tends to drain one’s enthusiasm and motivation. But it is important for me to write because writing begets writng and thinking begets thinking and what I do here has always been a huge help for all of my other work. It helps me process what is going on.

And a lot is going on.. which is both reason why I need to write more and reason why I have not been writing more.

I am working on stories for old standbys Guitar World and slam and going to be extra busy this month as March Madness and the allman Brothers doing 15 shows at the Beacon Theatre loaded with special guests both kick in. I am actually doing work on both of these, too. also still writing my column.. finsihing a new one right now, which will be up Friday morning. And trying to work out a bunch of other things I’m not quite ready to discuss.

I have had all kinds of tech breakdowns, each of which has set me back way too much. I got a lemon of an Iphone, I got a new one, the hard drive on my Macbpok blew up — for the second time in six months — and I lost tons of stuff. I had gotten smart about backing up after the first disaster but fell off the wagon since leaivng Beijing. Luckily, I had put a lot of favorite photos and songs on my Iphone. Then my Iphone was stolen last week at Madison Square Garden, when I carelessly left it on a press table, where people could walk by.

That threw me into a real funk, both psychological and actual — it was a real loss. And it launched me into a week-long battle with At&T and Apple. There is no insurance available and you lose the two-year contract savings of $200 so it’s quite an expensive proposition to lose an Iphone or have one stolen. I might have been able to be covered by Amex, since it was within 90 days of purchase but I told them the true story of what happened — and am not covered because I left my phone unproteced in a public place. If I had just said I didn’t know what happened, I lost it, I would have been covered. But honesty is always the right policy, right? How many times have we told our kids that?

Kids are all doing well, though with their own quirks. Anna has been talking a lot about Beijing the last week or so and saying she wants to go back, she likes her school more, she misses her friends — though most of the kids she mentions have also left. I guess she’s having her own third culture kid moment wihtout, of course, being able to express it.

Eli is chugging along in school and seems pretty good. He is completely obsessed wiht Legos and reall y quite excellent and clever at putting them together. He feels his forehead almost every day hoping to find a fever. I guess that’s not so great, but he seems cheerful and keeping up in school. He does his homework pretty well, often stopping to wail, “What is the point of homework?” I don’t really have a good answer for him. I know that I wasn’t doing it in third grade at Davis School and probably would have had just as hard of a time with it.

On Monday we had a snow day and were all home. When Becky was getting ready to trudge off to the train in the snow, Eli said, “Don’t you ever feel like just quitting that stupid job?”

Jacob is pretty much thriving, has a lot of friends, is doing well in school and generally pretty cheerful. He is, however, getting two teeth pulled today. That should challenge him. He also misses Beijing and his friends there — and all the sports teams he played on at school. He wrote a really sweet poem about his friends on Valentine’s Day. I will try to type it in and post.

If anyone reads this, give me a shout. I feel like I am tossing out a message in a bottle.

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  1. John Yocca
    John Yocca says:

    I read your blog at least once a week Alan! I love your writing and your insights so I hope you keep posting!

  2. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    Hi Alan,
    Keep it coming, I’ve passed on your blog to a few people a couple of years ago. They liked your experiences, your style and your opinions (me too,most of them anyway). Your political positions provide clarity but not always agreement. It sounds like you all need time for the transition, it’s a killer. Love, Cousin Ruthie

  3. Donna
    Donna says:

    Hey, I read you all the time. Usually I just lurk, but you’re in my google reader so I read every posting. I’m still sorry I never got to officially meet you in Beijing. Keep writing…

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    We search your blog daily. Great way to stay in touch. DK DP LK and a lot of others in your extended family do the same. Please keep it up. Pops

  5. WingfieldsInBrussels
    WingfieldsInBrussels says:

    Keep on writing! I enjoy hearing about your adjustment back home as it gives me thoughts of what to prepare myself for when we return.

  6. Steve
    Steve says:

    My guys were never good enough to win Best in Beijing, but we did a mean Gram Parsons. And the Allmans… my other band staggered through Whippin Post but oh how I loved to try to play that bass line.
    Yep, there are folks reading the blog…


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