I’m at the airport now about to board a plane for Beijing. I will be gone for 12 days, longest I have ever been away from the kids ever and from Becky in a long, long time. That feels strange. I am, fo course,excited. We are doing seven or eight shows in Beijing over two weekends, and two more in Shenzhen next Weds. and Thursday,. I am looking forward to geting back in the saddle

I am also twisted with exhaustion because I could not sleep last night. Mercifully I am flying first class — for just the second time ever. Frequent flyer miracle ticket. I am sitting int he lounge right now and just amazed at this alternate universe which has been ticking away under my nose unbeknownest to me. I have to figure out how to crack into this regularly.

The logistics on either end have been daunting.. setting up everything here and there, etc. And trying to finish a lot of work before leaving so I have had precious little time to reflect on any of this. As soon as I checked my bags in and got my boarding pass, I turned around and felt a huge swell of emotion wash over me. It was the first time it really fully struck me: I am going back to China.

Out of time.

Here is a page I made to advertise the show.

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