Jacob’s LL team has made the SemiFinals and he is fully pumped. It has been a lot of fun and I have been shocked by how much I have enjoyed watching the games and how tense some of them are. They wont he other night 2- and I do not believe there any errors.

Considering Jacob basically did not play for three years (One weak half season in Beijing) he has done really well. His coach sent out a list of reasons the team had advanced to the Semis and this was number 10:

10) Jacob’s key play in CF, getting to the long hit & making a perfect throw to the relay man, holding their best hitter to a double.

I couldn’t believe it when he made this play. It was a towering drive he had no chance to catch but he stayed clam, ran over, scooped it up and threw it in. Next game is Weds. night. Here are some pics from the last one…

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