I’m Baaaack

Well, it sure has been a while. Good to be back. If anyone’s still out there, I will get back to doing some more posting.

I am working on outlines and rough chapters for a book I hope to write about my time in china and I have spent a good deal of time reading through old posts here and all I can say is what a resource. I really did not have the farsightedness to write up here with a very conscious goal of keeping notes for future endeavors but I sure got a lot of stuff down.

So, if anyone’s still here reading, thanks for encouraging me all these years. I am so pleased to have this record of my time in China. The energy is palpable in so many of them. I can still get pumped up reading them…

Las Saturday I got to watch most of the Michigan/Notre Dame game.. not only a classic game, down to the last second, and a great win for the Wolverines, but the first college football game I have watched in five years. Really wasn’t much available in china. I managed to see some Steelers games, to be sure, but not college.

I felt like Rip Van Winkle. They have video replay in NCAA football now? They call out the players who commit penalties? Maybe some of these things were happening five years ago but they came as a surprise to me.

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