Moving Fast

If my head was spinning any more, I’d puke.

Trying hard to keep afloat, stay on top of a whole bunch of things. It is really my intention to write more and post up here but it is just not happening right now. I have so much going on, between the long term project I hope to formally launch and announce any day and the home reconstruction and keeping the three kids pushing forward…that I just never write these kinds of posts.

But I really, really need to because they fire up my creative energy. Writing begets writing, just as sleep begets sleep in kids…Never fear a nap, it will only help. and always find time to write just to write.. it will help.

In the meantime, I am going to Peoria and Chicago tomorrow to go on the road with Joe Bonamassa for a story in Guitar world.

I need to do this like I need a hole in my head but i haven’t done a good on the road story in ages and I haven’t been in Chicago for too long. Looking forward to hanging out with Art “Mr. Loud” Rummler. Make a reservation at the Weiner Circle. I need a Chicago dog!

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