Embrace the Chaos

Paul Family arriving in Beijing. August 2005.

Lots of stuff popping…or on the verge of lots of stuff popping. It’s a difficult time to sit still because there are so many things I want to reach out and grab, but I need to let things play out a little bit.

I am waiting to hear about some big press opportunities, which may or may not come through; waiting to find out if my Chinese bandmates get visas to come over here for the launch of Big in China or not… and still doing some work for Guitar World, Slam, the WSJ and others.

It’s probably too much and I probably should say no to some of these non-book related things right now. Logic dictates as much, but easier said than done. It’s all work I want to do and that I think can publicize or advance the book in some regard. During the writing of the book, I took on several assignments that I regretted while I was doing them but ended up feeling were good for me, that they got my juices flowing and improved my writing.

And besides my motto learned in expat life is” do more. I maintained an absolutely ridiculous pace in Beijing, especially over the last year when the band and the column were both really peaking. So I’m going with it and embracing the chaos.

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