The Today show is next for me and Panda Dad

It's still all a bit hard for me to grasp, but Panda Dad will be on the Today show next Weds. April 6. Details to come. Starting the process with an interview here tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who helped me develop the Panda Dad concept and…

Panda Dad picked up by NYTimes.

Lisa Belkin, of the Motherlode blog, picks up on Panda Dad.
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Big in China Excerpt 3 – Rough Travel with Kids

Well, the Panda Dad vs. Tiger mom brouhaha has taken off over on and that's a good thing, boosting my recognition, etc. But it has also overshadowed the fact that I also posted a Big in China excerpt over there.  It's about our family…

Tiger Mom, meet Panda Dad

Well, my Panda Dad essay is up on and kicking up a good little duststorm. Please click on over to check it out. I really feel that most of this is pretty simple common sense thought., but I'm happy to stir this particular pot and…
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Panda dad, coming soon.

Hey Tiger Mom, beware the Panda Dad, coming soon to Stay tuned.

Bob Edwards Big in China Interview/Feature on 3/28

Bob Edwards Big In China Interview/feature will run Monday 3/28 on XM/sirius - AND ONLINE.'m excited about this one.

"You made a 73-year-old Jewish man complain."

The Daily ShowTags: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on FacebookMan, this is good.

Big in China is all about "the Power of Curiosity"

A really nice interview just posted on Thoughtful questions thoughtfully answered. I wish I could be quite this sharp in radio interviews.

From the Archives: Ron Artest

This is one one my favorite stories from slam and you'll see why it was so memorable as soon as you read the first paragraph or two. This was in 2002, pre-brawl when Ron Ron was just considered sort of an odd dude who could really ball. The…

Ivan Reitman acquires Big in China Film Rights

I have sold the Big in China film rights to Ivan Reitman and Montecito Pictures.There is a lot I could say but I am still a bit dazed and head-spinny so I should probably proceed cautiously, rather than with my usual let-it-all-out-on-the-blog…