Panda Dad meets pandas

So with a single afternoon to kill in lovely, steamy Chengdu, I decided to hop a cab to the panda breeding center and preserve just outside town. It’s certainly not as impressive as the big Wolong Center we visited years ago in the mountains where the bears actually live, but it’s pretty cool. After all this panda dad hubbub, I couldn’t resist doing what I was too cheap to let even the kids do back then – pay the money to hold one for a picture.

I have to admit , it was pretty cool. I just wish I looked better But being exhausted and sweaty will do that to you. sorry kids – I owe you one.

The Wolong center was destroyed by the 2008 earthquake, but according to my cab driver, it is open again. I am doing pretty well with my Mandarin though my vocabulary is severely diminished.

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    • AlanPaul
      AlanPaul says:

      It was a pretty cool experience to hold him, I have to say. I feel guilty for not allowing my kids to do it years ago.


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