My wife Rebecca Blumenstein named WSJ Page One Editor

I have written about in on Facebook and Twitter and seemingly discussed this with everybody I know, but I can’t allow it to go unmentioned here… I am very proud of my wife Rebecca for her new position, announced on Friday.

There’s a story here: Rebecca Blumenstein named WSJ Page One Editor.

Or here, from the WSJ itself: WSJ Names Blumenstein Page One Editor.

There is so much more I could say, but instead I’ll keep my emotions in check in this public forum, bite my tongue and leave it at: I’m very proud of her.

I don’t think anyone who has worked with her going all the way back to the Michigan Daily would be surprised or anything other than happy.

And, of course, Rebecca is prominently featured in Big in China, though I would be the first to admit that my writing only begins to capture just how interesting, complex and positive a character she actually is.

So Mazel tov to my wife, and big thank yous to everyone who has been so supportive and enthusiastic in sending your best wishes.

Rebecca and Mei Fong receiving the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting from Columbia Pres. Lee Bollinger. Photo by Andrew Lih.

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  1. Carla Vernon
    Carla Vernon says:

    Alan (its Carla from Aspen)…I am so proud of both you and Rebecca. You are a beautiful couple. And you have done all of this together. Continue to support and love each other well! What a great day! Wooo Hooo!! Pass along my love and congratulations!

  2. Carol Kent
    Carol Kent says:

    Hi Alan and Rebecca! When I served as a Production Manager at the Michigan Daily (1987-1988), I knew Rebecca would be moving on to bigger and better things! Congratulations on the latest big thing! All the best to you both, Carol Kent

  3. David B
    David B says:

    Big China Book
    Great book Alan.
    I picked up this book at the library couple days ago, I picked it up yesterday to flip thru it
    and ended up having to read the whole book yesterday, Very interesting to see how you and fam adapted to life over in Beijing and your restaurant adventures around your neighborhood. My inlaws are Chinese so i can identify with some of your story.
    Yeah you are right about its better to play guitar with another person or a group
    its hard to get anything going when doining it solo unless you are gifted.
    Great Book I found couple of your band appearances on You Tube.


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