Jamming with Mark Karan – and more gigs

Photo by John Chapman - at the Hi-Dive

Alan Paul and Mark Karan - photo by John Chapman

There have been some very memorable nights and events since Big in China was released last March and I hope there are many more to come,  but one epic night that has gone unfortunately unremarked upon here took place last March at the Hi Dive in San Francisco. My generous, supportive friends Dave and Di threw me a stem-winder of a party and I put together a dream band and just had a blast. Scroll down to the bottom for some video evidence.

On bass, my old buddy Norman Bradford. On drums, his bandmate in Arcata, CA’s Fickle HIllbillies, Chuck Kircher, and on lead guitar and vocals, Mark Karan. Mark is a wonderful guitarist and a great guy to hang with. I had met him and profiled him a few times over the years for Guitar World, for his work with Bob Weir and Ratdog and his role in The Other Ones, the first post-Jerry Dead band (he split “Jerry”, er guitar, duties with Steve Kimock). For me, the coolest thing on his resume is the fact the played with Delaney Bramlett for years. I always loved his playing and enjoyed talking to him and was thrilled when he was available and game to do this gig. Needless to say, we did not rehearse.The only reason I have not put more of this up is I was wanting to get some good video up there. I found a few files that are worthy, so here we go. More to come.

The band - photo by John Chapman

In related news, I have the music bug bad right now and am looking to play out more and more. I am playing at the great Hat City Kitchen in Orange, NJ this Saturday, October 8at 930 pm, and at Uncle Mike’s in Tribeca on Oct. 28 at 9 pm. Come on by if you are in metro New York.

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  1. […] I wrote last week about the off-the-hook San Francisco Big In China launch party at the Hi-Dive, where we had an epic jam with the great Mark Karan (Ratdog, The Other Ones) on guitar. I promised more video then and here is another… this one featuring Norman Bradford on lead vocals. […]

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