Signed, Sealed, Delivered, it’s true. I have a movie deal

I can finally truly say that I have a movie deal for Big in China. It’s the same deal that we agreed to within a couple of weeks of Big in China’s March 1 release, but now it’s signed, sealed and delivered.

Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Pictures has purchased the option. Reitman himself is signed on to produce and direct. Anything could still happen, of course, but the option is not sitting on a shelf. Writer Paul Fruchbom has been hired to write a screenplay. We have had a few conversations. I like him and I’m excited about where it’s headed and happy to be involved.

From the first time I spoke to my agent Doug Johnson, he was very enthusiastic about the prospects for Big in China, but I never really believed him, partly as a defense mechanism so that I couldn’t be disappointed and partly because I think that an important part of any agent’s jobs is relentless optimism.

When I went out to LA just after the book’s release and had a series of meetings and three people were interested in optioning the rights, my belief that this could actually happen ticked up, but I remained skeptical right to the very end. I kept saying, “I’ll believe it when I have a signed contract in my file and a check in the bank.” Now I can believe it. Whatever happens next, this seems worthy of taking a moment to breathe and celebrate.

I’m proud that Reitman, who has made quite a few movies that made a huge impression on me, including Animal House, is helming this.

Thanks to Doug and Howie Sanders for repping this and seeing it through,  Lisa Dallos for getting the ball rolling and Montecito’s Ivan Reitman and Ali Bell for their steadfast belief that my little book will make a great movie.

Jacob and eli sign their Big in China movie contract, granting rights to portray them, under the watchful eye of notary the Honorable R. Benjamin Cohen.






Notary uncle watches as Anna signs her life away.
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  1. Carrie and Dave Wells
    Carrie and Dave Wells says:

    YEA!!!!!!! We’re so excited and not at all surprised. There’s one question I have – I have not yet received my contract to be signed and notarized (Aunt Carrie Wells, page 27). Just a small oversight, I’m sure.
    Alan – we are so proud of you and just keeping our fingers crossed this comes to fruition. Until then, I’m thinking about whether or not I should leave my hair grey or begin dying it again. I guess I’ll leave that up to the director and make up people.
    Carrie and Dave

  2. Tom Carter
    Tom Carter says:

    This is tremendous news, Alan. We expats here in China are very excited for you. And remember, if the production needs a set photographer for the Beijing sequences, I’m your guy 🙂

  3. Liora
    Liora says:

    Oh man, we are never getting rid of those second hand toys, chairs and bench we bought from you when you moved away!!! They’ll be worth a fortune someday.. hehe

    Glad to hear about this and cannot wait to see it!!

    • AlanPaul
      AlanPaul says:

      I learned it all from you. You taught me “easier to gain forgiveness than permission.” keep going til the cops tell you to move along.

      Also I never really knew you and Dixie were just joking.


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