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I am pleased to say that  One Way Out: An Oral History of the Allman Brothers Band has been picked up and re-released by Amazon Singles. That doesn’t mean much to you – it’s the same Ebook – except a lower price. They dropped it to $2.99. It means a lot to me, however; it gets the book out of my little silo and has really boosted visibility and sales. Thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy.

I’m sorry that I have not been posting for more. The past two weeks have been very trying for me as I suffered a concussion playing soccer with my boys and their friends and recovery has been slow. I am feeling a lot better and hopefully will continue on this path, because we are on our way to Spain for two weeks, catching up with a wide range of fantastic Beijing friends. Much more to come, but for now.. thank you for all the support and happy summer.

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  1. Paul Gobeil
    Paul Gobeil says:

    Hi Alan. I’m a long time ABB fan (Idlewile South was my 1st ABB purchase in late 1970). I had drifted away from listening to them for a few years but for some reason early this year I started listening again (frequently) and now I am in the firm grasp of an ABB obsession. I’m rediscovering ABB (pre Duane’s death) and am absolutely mesmerized by the early Allmans. I’ve purchased many live recordings of theirs from ’70 and ’71 (Ludlow Garage, Stony Brook, etc) and have just finished reading Skydog and Gregory’s autobiography and I just can’t get enough. I was thrilled when I saw your book “One Way Out” but then realized it is only on Ebook. I’m kind of old school so I still don’t have a Kindle so I was wondering if this will ever be in print. If not I know I will find a way to read it. After years of listening to Rock and Roll, especially the music created from 1968-1980, I am now convinced that the ABB of 1969 to October 1971 was the most creative, innovative and dynamic band of all time. And I don’t mean rock band because they were far beyond a “rock band”. Thanks for keeping their history alive. Sincerely, Paul Gobeil

    • AlanPaul
      AlanPaul says:

      Thanks Paul. I don’t have any plans for a bound book right now, but I am in discussions with a couple of publishers and it is definitely possible. Please note that you can download and read on any digital device – computer, ipad, phone… you just have to download the FREE Kindle Reader.


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