Gregg Allman: A Personal Reflection

Photo – Derek McCabe – Note Farmer to the left. 

 I am re-posting in advance of the Friday, September 8 release of his final album, Southern Blood.

“Check this out, man!”

Gregg Allman leaned back in his chair and pulled his shirt up to reveal giant scarring across his midsection.

“Ooh boy! If they told me how much it hurt, I would have just said, ‘No thanks; I’ll die!”

Gregg let out a long laugh, pulled his shirt back down and took a sip of a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee that his longtime right hand man Chank Middleton handed him. He was joking about preferring to die over suffering the pain of the liver transplant, but everything about his mood that day screamed, “Happy to be alive!”

I wrote this personal reflection on Gregg for Relix. You can read the rest of it here, along with much more from their stellar tribute issue – which you really should buy if you;r einterested enough to read this far!