A day in the city

We spent yesterday in the city and had a nice time. We began at the wonderfully named FunDazzle, a kids' play area which has perhaps the largest ball pit int he world. The kids had a blast. The first few photos are from there. after…
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Photos of our journey

The first shot if jacob and eli reclining in first class. The second is all of us with our luggage.
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Everything’s cool

Sitting in a starbucks on the wireless connection. anna is sleeping next to me. all is pretty much fine. we've only been here three days I think and the kids are very accepting. we are staying in this compound which is like a little slice…
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The Eagle Has Landed

we landed safe and sound are relatively in decent shape today, especially considering that anna fell asleep at 7 pm and woke up at 11:30! she actually woke up for the night at 11:30 PM. Now that's some serious jetlag. Luckily, I went to sleep…