My Panda Dad persona began as a scream of rage and frustration against the Tiger Mom hoopla. In one inspired rush, I penned a Panda Dad manifesto for the WSJ and it quickly caught fire. Below are some of Panda Dad’s TV appearances.
Panda Dad on the Today Show with Matt Laurer:

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Panda Dad on CNN Sunday Morning, Father’s Day Edition:


Tiger Mom…Meet Panda Dad

I have watched the uproar over the Tiger Mom debate with growing annoyance that one simple question remains unasked: Where are the dads?

I am a father of three who has been on the frontline of parenting for years, thanks to my wife’s demanding career and my own freelance lifestyle. I refuse to cede the entire discussion about proper child-rearing to mothers, Tiger or otherwise.

So began my Panda Dad manifesto for’s ideas Market. Two hundred and fifty seven comments later I realized I had hit on something. The New York Times Motherlode blog picked up on it, I wrote this column in response and the next thing I knew I was on the Today Show with Matt Laurer.

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