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The Allman Brothers Band's final show - 5 years ago last night!

Five years ago today, the Allman Brothers Band played their final show at the Beacon Theatre. You can order a CD of the final show right here. FIVE F'IN YEARS?? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I covered the…
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RIP Robert Hunter, one of the all-time great songwriters

Eyes of the World: An interview with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter So very, very sad to hear that Robert Hunter has passed away. To honor the man, I present my 2015 (?) interview. An edited version ran on as part of a preview…

Duane Allman’s Three Beloved Les Pauls Reunited Onstage for the Allman Brothers’ Final Stand

Duane Allman had three primary Les Pauls during his time with the Allman Brothers Band. The 1957 goldtop he played on the band’s first two albums as well as most of the Derek and the Dominos Layla sessions has been on display…

Are the Allman Brothers ending this year or not?

I'm getting a lot of emails and other inquiries about whether or not the Allman Brothers will really stop touring after this year. Articles like this one in Ultimate Classic Rock spur the issue along. Of course, that article was based…

Wanee 2014

I'm back from Wanee, dazed and confused but happy. It took me a couple of days to process the weekend and get my head back together to be able to write this. It was a great weekend for me. One of the only downers was my flight down there…

Wanee Festival Here I Come

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