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Not sure how many of you are reading the posts, so I thougth I would post a cpouple wiht replies ( remember, I can not read the blog or comment directly there). the first one comes from becky’s sister beth, who is a family doc in eugene, OR. the rest speaks for itself.

I returned from Houston yesterday (on sept 11th) after spending 6 days volunteering at the Reliant center arenas (the astrodome and the other 2 centers). When I arrived on monday, 12,000 evacuees were housed in three buildings which altogether were served by the medical clinic where I worked. It was an incredible experience. After all that these people have been through, they were appreciative and so patient. Missing parents, children; all worldly belongings in a few donated bags underneath their cots. I have great respect for Houston-they have their shit together. I saw everything from people needing their meds refilled (“you know, the the little white pill”)after losing everything to infections related to the water to emotional decompensation. I was not there for the initial arrival in Houston, but heard from another doc that many people could only crawl off the bus after the Superdome experience. Angel, a little 5 year old, told me her mother was taken away in the water and eaten by an alligator. There should be a tribunal for crimes committed against humanity. Glad to be back in Eugene- I follow this blog fairly regularly. You guys sound good. Love, Beth

Hats off to beth. i’m sure being there was difficult in many ways, but so many of you have commented how frustrating it is not to be able to do anything. Well, she did something. My dad volunteered but I believe was turned down due to his age. They don’t understand his grizzly adams ness. Tood bad for everyone involved Dixie didn’t make it down there.He would have delivered great medical care and come back with great stories. and I’m sure some people would have been comforted to hear him toot “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans.” what a song that is these days.

And from Carrie Wells,

Oh My! All I can think of after viewing your palace is “How we gonna keep them down on the farm, now that they’ve seen Paris?”
The house looks fabulous!!

Thanks. It is nicer than I would have imagined for sure, but it certainly doesn’t quite feel like home yet. Granted, it’s only been two or three days but maplewood never has pollution days where it smells like there is a huge bonfire is burning around the corner. that would be today.

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    I was never called to service after Katrina most probably because they did’nt need pediatricians. Thay may also have turned me away because of my answer to their query regarding mw ability to sleep on a cot in a tent, use a porta john,survive witout air conditioning, eat only packaged meals,and work 12 hr. shifts. I replied,”I’d love it.”


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