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First pictures from our trip to Guilin

As I said originally, it was a national holiday so there were many, many Chinese tourists, especially the first few days. The holiday ended on Friday — and people went back to work on Saturday! — so it slowed down. At the airport in beijing, we were again treated like celebrities and this large group all wanted to take pictures with our kids.

I took Anna for a walk on the plane and everyone was waving at her and taking pictures.

Eli and Anna loved the Guilin mei fun rice noodles –about 16 cents a bowl. Jacob was in the van sorting his Pokemon cards and eating an apple and granola bar.

That night we had a really good dinner at Asia Pacific restuarant. In the front they had a virtual petting zoo of live animals for people to choose their dinner from, including several tanks of snakes.

We visited Reed Flute Cave, outside Guilin and Jacob loved it, despite being with thousands of Chinese tourists. Eli was scared but fascinated.

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