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Ben Osborne wrote:
The Pistons did look really good last night–and have all season. The game was on NBATV last night, which now carries at least one game every night that TNT or ESPN don’t. They use local announcers but put the NBATV fonts on the screen. In any event, maybe the channel over there will cover all the NBATV games (seems logical enough). runs the day’s tv schedule every day so maybe you can test this theory out and get to see your beloved Pistons a few more times before you’re back in the States. Incidentally, Carlos Arroyo was MUCH better in their first three games. Trust me.

The SportsPlus channel here, which is broadcast from the Phillipines is much more mysterious than that. They have been showing football games and it’s totally random. You flip on Weds. afternoon and they have a game on.. they run the direct feeds from CBS, on tape, halftime show and all. The mystery is trying to figure out a schedule and figure out why they picked he games they do, which are often literally the very worst ones. Texans-titans, bears-anyone, etc.

If you are showing a game 48-72 hours later, shouldn’t you pick the very best available? They also show games live. Someone told me that and Monday at 7 am I decided to try it out, see f the Steelers/Packers games were on, especially since they always seem to show NFC games. , They did have a live game on, but not he Steelers – it was the Bucs and whomever they were playing. So I came back up here and “watched” the game live on the internet play by play. Steelers are really playing pucker ass football right now.

Anyhow, I have searched for a Sports Plus website which hmight have a sked, but gotten nowhere. So it remains random. They were advertising something about weds. NBA action. All the Rockets games are on live by the way but that is CCTV with chinese announcers. (They use the Rockets broadcast and have guys here doing the play by play). I have watched them, but I find watching JVG coached teams to be sort of painful. Thanks for sucking all the joy out of a great game, jeff.

Pistons on the other hand were just playing great ball. And they seem so happy to be rid of Brown. It reminds me of a guy who has a girlfriend who is really hot and great in bed so he stays with her even though about three times a week she goes psycho and throws alarm clocks at his head for no discernible reason. He finally has enough and kicks her out and finds a really nice sane, pretty woman he can relax with and speak with for hours. That is how relaxed the Pistons seem to be playing compared to last year. And I read box scores Ben, so I know how much better Arroyo has been playing. But who knew that Maurice Evans was so good? They may just have been pissed about preseason ranked behind the Nets and Pacers and heat, who brought in a trio of losers. What an insult.

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