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Ripper writes,

Column should be called “heh-heh-heh.” To those keeping score at home, if you have to ask, you’ll never know.

Well, you can call it heh-heh-heh… and me Fu Man Jew. Beijing Fats is also acceptable. Thanks for remembering, Rip.

Aunt Judy turns away from a Pistons game long enough to chime in:

Here are a few from Detroit.

1.From Jersey to Beijing – My Life in China

2.China Today

3.A Window into China

4.Chatting from China

5.My Day in China

6.Another Day in China

7.From Kim, The Accidental Occidental

Kim serves up his customary dry wit — very clever title. But they are all too china-based. I need something more generically expat/foreign.

DK keeps the stream of consciousness running:
“You cant always get what you want”

Dean has his head so twisted around music, he can’t think of anything that’s not a classic rock song title.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    “When In Rome . . .”
    “Expatriate THIS!”
    “Going Native”
    “Osmosis in Exile”
    “Foreign Correspondence” NOT correspondent…
    “Tumble Weed Wayfarer”
    “The Migrant Capitalist”
    “Migrant Observer”
    “This Ain’t Epcot”
    “You can’t dig a hole to here”
    “What is the difference between Racism and Ethnocentric Monoculturalism”
    “Long Distance Living”


  2. Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben says:

    First of all, anyone who gives more than 10 should be disqualified. How about:
    It’s just called “food” here.
    Uncle Ben


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