Vote? What do you think this is, Iraq?

Carrie writes:

Well, if you don’t post your Dad’s, AR’s, Dave’s and mine, how is everyone going to vote? – or is going to be one of those unilateral decision things?
Oh – here’s another bad one:
Expatriately Speaking

I never, ever said this was a vote. But I will gladly post them all. I don’t think anyone has beaten Foreign Exchange yet, though Art (AR) definitely made the best contributions of the posts. Steve Goldberg came through with some strong ideas via email. And you can now officially call me (though not my column) Fu Man Jew.

Dixie Doc, author of the famous, award-winning “When I want to hit my vortex, I reach for my Gore Tex” poem has not weighed in yet. Nor has Delaware Dave. Severe disappointments, though I expect to hear from them soon.

We have Art Rummler’s ideas:

Abroad Transitions;
Transitions Abroad;
Living Abroad;
Abroad Living;
Life as an Expatriate;
American Expatriate;
The Expatriate Experience;
Tales From The Front;
Expatriate Tales;
Tales from Abroad;
Expatriate Report;

Steven Goldberg has some real potential winners:

1. Trailing Spouse
2. Lost in Translation
3. Far and Away
4. At Home, Abroad
5. Foreign Press

Here are my rejects

1. Expat Exploits (truly horrid)
2. Becky’s Bitch (too subtle)EDITOR’S NOTE: SEE FU MAN JEW.
3. Wok and Roll (it’s a joke)

Dave Wells makes these fine contributions. He shouldn’t worry about being laughed at:

You’re not allowed to laugh at these.

A Foreign Notebook
My Foreign Journey
A Journalist’s Journey
An Overseas Journey
Overseas Observations
Life Abroad
My Life Abroad
An American Abroad
A Foreigner in A Foreign Land

Wife Carrie opts for (mostly failed) humor:

I’m really am feeling the pressure:
1. Stranger in a Strange Land
2. West Meets East
3. A Westerner’s View of the
New East
4. A New Slant-China Through Blue Eyes
5. “Hey-Where’s the Chow Mein?”
6. A Westerner’s Eye on the New East
7. A New View of a New China
8. An American in China
9. Alan Paul Sees China
10. An American’s View of the New China
Can’t think of anything funny.

leah gomberg suggests:

Trek Tracks
Travel Tracks
Travel Log

dave Kann goes stream of consciousness on me:

“I’m over here” or
“It’s not the same here” or
“Things are different here” or
“Here is not home”
“This is interesting”

something like that ?

Suzie Paul (Mom) chimes in with:

It has been used before but how about “Stranger in a strange land”? Love, M

Wait, I was wrong. Dixie did offer this, but sort of weak.

Dixie checked a Thesaurus: gypsydom, reconnoitering, Asian Safaris, Walzing in Asia, Asian Whirl, foreign pilgrim Wandering Jew, A wandering minstrel,

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I have a few new ones…

    X-pat Files
    Expat Journal and my new favorite…

    “Making the World Safe for Capitalism”


    p.s. email me your phone # again…


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