Carrie wrote:
That’s so funny that Ben mentioned the extra suitcase because I was going to write the same thing. Need I say, you have the 3 most adorable children, surely, in China, if not the entire world! (And I’m not partial, of course)
I’m not sure what Eli is wearing on his head – is that a Chinese kepah – somewhat like a fez?

Thank you. We will have plenty of extra room. yes, it is a chinese kepa. I wish I had good shots of Gabriel Chi, Moony Park, Maurits Jan-Boer, Ethan Yoo and Go-Chun Chu in the kepas. Way beyond cute.

then Carrie wrote:

I was reading DP’s list and laughed so loud and so hard that I just woke Dave up
in the next room! Can I change my vote? Definately, Dum Dum eats Dim Sum – I’m still howling! He certainly gets my vote for the FUNNIEST suggestions.

It is well known by all that know him that DP is a great writer and is extremely funny, when he forgets to take his meds.

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