Still rolling in….

Mr Jon Kessler pulls himself away from Wine Spectator to write in:

“Couldn’t let this go without a entry or two from Wall Street:
China Cat
China Chat
Mainland Musings
Sino Wino
Kracker Writes Kanji
Tofo ain’t no ‘ho foo
WSJizizzle Chinizzle”

What is a China Cat Sunflower anyhow? Sounds like some sort of heroin reference now that I ponder it. Kessler, get that wine cellar ready for me and let’s hit the good stuff this time. I can pick $12 bottles of cab myself.

Meanwhile, Uncle Kim Bateman is busily writing China-themed haikus in Hunting Woods, Michigan, suggesting:
Everyday China
A Paul over China

I need to point out again that despite the comic potential of the China angle (Fu Man Jew, Dum dum Eats Dim Sum, etc), the column title needs to be more broad, eg Foreign Exchange.

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  1. Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben says:

    OK, I know this isn’t a democratic process, but I have to vote for Wall Street Jon’s:
    WSJizizzle Chinizzle and
    Tofu ain’t no ho’foo.

    By the way, at the risk of sounding way too obvious, how about
    Uncle Ben


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