Emma Paul in the house…

10-year-old niece Emma Paul checks into the blog with a couple of posts.

First, she writes:
heyyy speaking of tooth fairy my teeth won’t come out i’ve only lost 8 and i’ve tryed everything ecept for the door trick and that means when i get braces they will have to pull my teeth out
love,Emma k. paul 🙂

Actually, Emm, were we speaking of the tooth fairy? Jacob recently figured out it is us, by the way and keeps proclaiming as much. We are trying to get him to shut up so as not to spoil it for Eli.

And then she wrote:
I hope Eli is feeling better the only bad insedent that happend to me with a bike was when I was Eli’s age and my new cowgirl dress got ripped. say hi to jakey for me LOVE YA all toots(tootles):)

Thanks for asking Emma. Eli is doing a lot better. He’s still not walking so we’ll how it goes. sorry to hear about dress.

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