Note from Carrie Wells

Carrie Wells just got out of the hospital after about a week and will have to return before long, as noted below. Here is a ltter from her. Send her best wishes… We all need to get through this spring and take it from there.

Dear Beloved Family and Friends:
First, please accept my apology for not responding to your emails (if you sent one). I did the most uncharacteristic thing in my obssessive-compulsive life today – I deleted all my emails. You may have noticed that I haven’t been around for the past few weeks, resulting in so many unread (thus, unanswered) emails – I could no longer handle looking at the list growing, while not being able to answer any of them.
As most of you probably know, my darling husband, Dave, has been asking me for years, “What have you got, a hole in your head?” – usually followed by, “You should have your head examined!”

Well, so much for my dismissing him as a big Schmegeggie. It turns out he was right all along. So I went and had my head examined and they found the hole (albeit a small one) which started leaking cerebral spinal fluid. Not only did I have a hole in my head, but I was literally “drying out”.

To make a long story, short, I spent quite a while flat on my back w/ a tap in my spine, trying to leak out just enough c/s fluid to give the hole a chance to heal and not enough to make life sooooo much quieter for Dave.
Well, at this point, we don’t think it worked, but will find out more by the end of this week. One suggestion right now is to wait 6 weeks, see if it’s closed, and if not…make a REALLY BIG HOLE and then plug it up w/ tissue (my suggestion of suctioning my legs, stomach, ass and hips, fell flat – boy these neurosurgeons really need to lighten up). So the verdict awaits, as do we we, patiently.
That explains why you have had no replies to your mail. Actually, today is the first day I’ve been able to handle sitting and typing, but look forward to doing lots more of it in the days to come.

Thank you to all who have called, visited, and sent good wishes. And to all of you who haven’t, I’m presuming it’s because you didn’t even know. If, by chance, there are any out there who knew, but just didn’t care – well f*** you. But with lots of Love,


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