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I really enjoyed these two responses to my last column. If you didn;t see it and would like me to email you, drop me a line.

Laura Romanoff writes from Chicago, in her own inimitable style:

Poor baby!! I so feel for him. The same thing happened to me when I was probably exactly his age in our cul de sac with twenty neighbor kids watching. My babysitter felt so unbelievably terrible. But it was fine. Hurt like hell and terrifying and weird (mostly because I fell off the bike and was dragged on the gravel till she stopped trying to peddle with my foot in the spokes). Healed perfectly. No scars. Went on to grow size nine feet and to dance ballet on pointe. And to have my feet be the object of my old boyfriend Andres’ weird foot fetish. So don’t you worry, big daddy.

How are you doing otherwise? Wendy said you guys seemed really happy when you were at home and that you, Alan, were reenergized. I don’t know how your dad is doing these days. How is he? How are you? I wish I could stop by and visit you guys!

I have got to go home and get the heck out of work. Via bus. The Mini is just a little bit smaller after I smashed it into the back of a Jeep Tuesday night. A perfect illustration of how hard it is to be a little car in a big SUV world. I was driving downtown to meet a hot Jewish cop that Silvia had introduced me to (I think the one and only dude fitting that description). I looked to the side and stole a look at the cop driving next to me to see if maybe he was hot, too (not). Light turned green, started going, noticed, “Huh. The Starbuck’s is now a Chipotle” and BAM! Didn’t even realize what was happening until the air bag poofed in my face. So of course, who has to push my baby car out of the middle of the intersection and write up a ticket because I don’t have my insurance car? Said not so hot cop. Anyway, illustrative of car size arms race because she stopped at the greenlight so she wouldn’t block the intersection. I never ever would have known, sitting essentially on the floor.

Anyhooters, no big deal. All’s well, good as accidents go, but I’m now bound by public transportation for the next couple weeks. Taking the bus to the factory. Really glam.

I miss you guys. Let me know how you’re doing. Give Eli’s kiss a little kiss for me.


And Amy Mindell chies in from Detroit:

nice work. thanks for sending this. I appreciate it. I like the story as
much polished and spiffy (Rebecca, no less) as I did in the blog. It’s a bad story, of course, and now I”m worried all over again with you recent posting.

I was in florida for a week with my family. My parents rented a
house and my sister and her family decided we should all be down AT THE SAME TIME. Yes, I was scared. And so would you be, if you knew my sister even a little. but it went remarkably well. By that I mean, no eyes were clawed out. the kids adored being all together, so that, I suppose is the reward for all my accomodating and biting my tongue.

Anyway, you have been having the BEST times of late. The new cabinet, which I think is fabulous. The artwork. Anna’s pink outfit. Jacob’s awesome birthday bus tour (the image of those little unpopular kids boarding the bus was touching). skiing.
dude, it’s been one good week. except Eli’s foot. yikes. keep me posted.
send my love to BB. xo -Amy

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