Classic British School Memo

Jacob is year 3 so this applies to him. Pretty funny, methinks.

To fully appreciate it, you’d have to see this guy, who looks exactly like you thik he looks. The “best dressed” is the tie and blazer.

To: Parents of Students in Years 3 and above

Dear Parents,

Best Dressed Uniform

With effect from next Thursday, 9th March, I would like all students in Years 3 and above to wear Best Dressed all day on Thursdays. My reasons for this are:

* Some students have never had the opportunity to wear Best Dressed;

* I want all students to get used to wearing the uniform properly and with pride;

* I want students to get used to looking after their best dressed – learning not to lose it and to keep it in good condition;

* This will add more formality to our school assemblies.

There will be concern about students losing their blazers and about the uniform getting messy when they play outside during break and lunch times.

* Students have been told that they should wear their blazer and tie to school, but that they can take off their blazer during the day. The message is that it should be “On their back or on their hook”

* There is no reason that play times should deteriorate uniform. I have worked this system successfully before, but students do need to learn to respect their clothing.

I appreciate your support in moving to this next stage. We will continue with this system until the weather makes the wearing of blazers inappropriate.

Brian McDouall

2nd March 2006

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    There is a reason we left them 230 years ago. Try this…Get a nice denim jacket and some jeans; let him wear an ABB mushroom shirt and then let him go. Stay near the phone for the head marm’s call…



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