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Below is a letter from Sara Blumenstein, Becky’s youngest sister. She is a senior at the University of Chicago and the acceptance letters from architecture school are rolling in.

As you can see, she recently began adpoting an architecture school look.. page boy haircut and clunky glasses and all.

I’m sure that some of you who don’t know the full range of Becky’s family find it wild that she has a sister just graduating from college, but we find it wild from the other end; how could Sara be graduating college?!? How old is she? How old are we?

Nothing makes us realize how long we have been together — I met Sara when she was 3! She was always incredibly precocious and funny, even when she was being a brat and has always been one of my favorite people. She is the first kid I’ve seen grow into an adult and it really is quite amazing. Also amazing is the fact that she is just as precocious at U-Chicago as she was at Bush Elementary in Hampton Township amidst the sons and daughters of the Michigan Militia.

I won’t say that it seems like yesterday that she was 8 years old and making her own mayonaisse from a Martha Stewart Living recipe, or a week ago that she was heading off to kindergarten with Bobby Kooley… but her Bat Mitzvah really does seem recent. [cue “Sunrise, Sunset” and pass the hankies.}

So anyhow, we’re really proud of her. Congratulations sara. Anyone thinking of making a major addition to their home may want to wait five years to have your plans drawn up.

Late breaking news: since she sent this email, she was also accepted to U-Michigan and offered a huge scholarship package. I’m sure Yale and Cal will be battling for her presence soon.

dear becky,
mom just gave me the lovely purse from thailand – thank you so
much! and keep ’em coming. i got home last night on the
train from chicago to see mom and dad this
weekend…its a nice cold day, with the sun reflecting off the
snow, which is exciting especially considering how little snow
we’ve had in chicago (the ground is mostly frozen but
everything just looks gross).

i got my first acceptance letter this morning in the form of an email from
wash u, and my roommate texted me last night to say that a
thick envelope had arrived from parsons…so it is needless to
say an exciting morning, exciting to know that no matter what
happens, I AM GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL! so now we wait to hear
back from the other seven places, but this knowledge is of
course a tremendous relief. besides that…i have been
following eli’s medical odyssey through alan’s blog and hope
he’s feeling better and doesn’t want to fire you or alan
anymore (mom and dad and i got a big chuckle out of that
story.) anyway! hope your sunday went well, talk to you soon.

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  1. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Congratulations to Sara! Not having known Sara for that long, it seems like yesterday that she was looking at colleges! Because she is so accomplished, maybe you’ll choose her to draw up plans for you in 2.5 years on Headley Place. Coincidentally, I was just thinking about the house this morning and have lots of plans to discuss w/ you both about a second AND third floor addition. Talk soon.
    Love, C


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