Kathy Chen has a baby, we have a party

We had a gathering here on Sunday for Becky’s office. It was supposed to be a sort of sendoff for Kathy Chen and Lily, the office manager, who are both due to have babies in about a month. But Kathy actually had her baby two days prior, at least three weeks early. Much to our surprise and I think the horror of many of the Chinese who were here, Kathy and her family showed up and stayed for hours. She looks great and seems totally back to normal in pretty much every respect.

No, it does not make me want to have another one, but it is really amazing to see and hold a 48-hour-old baby. You really do forget how little and vulnerable they re, probably because it is in comprehensible, even having experienced it yourself more than once.

It’s not the kind of records that anyone keeps, but this has to be the first time a WSJ bureau has been run by two women with a combined 7 kids.

The pictures here show: Becky and Kathy; Kathy and baby Amanda; the WSJ China bureau female brain trust – Becky, Kathy, Mei Fong and Leslie Chang, who are both reporters, though Leslie is currently on book leave; Jacob and Andrew Moy (Kathy’s son) engaging in their favorite kind of play; baby Amanda.

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