Danny the Wolverine writes in from his top-secret perch atop the Cathedral of Learning, from which he can monitor Pittsburgh’s fast-beating heart:

I don’t mind being mentioned in the blog, but you didn’t say it was a Jewish old lady from Squirrel Hill that hit him, I don’t want your loyal readers thinking I am some paranoid nut. I mean when they say “Martha Fleishman, 62, of Squirrel Hill” you know that the rest of the burgh is reading it as “Jew Lady from Jew Hill”.


I apologize for the oversight but still say you are a paranoid nut, along with Icky Reingold, who said this:

not good for the jews.

in response to Steve Galpern‘s note asking this:

Anyone else notice in the news reports that the woman driving the car that Ben R hit on his motorcycle was one Martha Fleishman from Squirrel Hill?

Come on guys. Are you all serious? Am I naive? Did they close Pinskers early and lock up the menorahs?

Will they blame us for this, too?

In an additional development, KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh reported Roethlisberger does not have a valid Pennsylvania motorcycle license and that his temporary permit expired in March, though he does have a valid automobile driver’s license. The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles declined to comment on the report.

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