Throwin ‘bows and Big Ben

My elbow is doing at least a little better today though it still seems like there is a mid-sized rock under my skin, atop the joint. B is home and I am happy, on many levels.

Yes, of course I have heard about Big Ben. What an absurd and potentially situation. How do states pass no-helmet laws? I had no idea they were being repealed instead of enacted until I read about this. Anyone who wants to ride without a helmet should sign a waiver absolving the public of any liability or responsibility for their health care. Which is tangential I know.

The guy has a lot of people depending o nhim so on top of being idiotic I think it is rather selfish. Is that harsh? Maybe. But come on. You’ve got Jay williams and Kellen Winslow as examples. I tdoesn’t take a geius to figure it all out. Helemtless riding and maybe even any bike riding should obviously be banned as standard procedure in all pro. sports contracts. Too much to lose all around.

I do not, however, fear a Sq. Hill pogrom, unlike my good friend Danny “the Wolverine” Rosen, who is double locking his doors and grabbing his pitchfork.

Slam compadre Lang Whitaker wrote in with his own tales of elbow woes, which sound remarkably like mine, except for the overnight hospital stay and homeless roommate.

Hey…was slacking on your blog because I’ve been traveling like crazy
for the NBA Finals (I’m going to all the games this year). Flew from
Dallas to NYC today and am flying to Miami in the morning. The Heat suck,
by the way.

Anyway, your elbow thing sounds exactly like what happened to me last
year, this exact weekend. I’d fallen and banged it two weeks earlier,
but I had no problems.

Then out of nowhere I woke up in the middle of the night with a
throbbing pain, like you. Doctor gave me a shot and drew a line, I came back a
day later and it was much worse, and they had me spend one night in a
hospital so I could get meds in an IV all night. I was there for about
24 hours. They evetually decided I had celulitis, which I’m still not
sure what that is. Something about an infection in the elbow. Here’s a
picture of my elbow from last year…

…and here’s what I wrote about it at the time…

After that, I had to take some strong antibiotics for about a month and
I still have a tiny knot there.

Strange how that works out. Maybe only cool people get random elbow


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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I say, if you get a license to ride a motorcycle, you should automatically become an organ donor. chances are you are reasonably young and most of your parts, other than your brain, will be reusable.

    ps. glad big ben is doing well and that he was duly contrite by all counts.


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