Photos of my elbow

Not to gross anyone out, but…

I’m not sure how this looks to you but it is actually much much better than it was over the past few days. I’m feeling optimistic about this. It did force me to miss the weekend softball playoffs. I switched teams this year from the Papa John’s Pepporonis to join the Jew squad, the mighty Pinyin Minyin but never played a single game. Too many scheduling conflicts, usually with Jacob’s soccer games, sometimes with family outings. The few times I could make it games were cancelled for one reason or another. I had sitters all set for two games Saturday and one Sunday but couldn’t do it.

Now I also have to cancel a hike on Weds I was looking forward to. I was invited to join a weekly hiking group by a reader of my column. This is their last outing until the fall, so I’ll have to wait till September. In the meantime, hopefully my elbow will be back to normal soon.

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