Catching up with summer Photos: Maple Mountain

I am on my laptop at the orchard, a beautiful restuarant nearby where we are having our birthday party next week. In fact, I came by to discuss plans and brought my laptop to do some writing in the gardens. Unbenownest to me, they have wireless, which is both good and bad. I really wanted to work on some writing. But I am taking advantage of the high speed connection to load up some more summer photos. Strange since I am overlooking a rural Chinese village.

These photos were taken at Maple Mountain, my folks place in the PA. hills. It is like holy land to me. I would say I felt the most relaxed here than anywhere on our whirlwind trip. We were also pleased to host Danny and Shani and their three girls as well as Eric and Titi, great friends from Beijing who were in Pittsburgh concurrently. anna and Talia, Danny and Shani’s two year old, had a great time. They bonded instantly, though they never did figure out each other’s names, referring to one another only as “My friend.” Speaking of which, Happy birthday to Danny the Wolverine. Welcome to the club old man.

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